We’re hosting the Buckeye Chiligate

The Clinton County Tea Party is hosting Buckeye Chiligate: a pre-election party and chili competition at 6pm on Saturday October 17. Enjoy food, football, and fiesta with local candidates.

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September 8th Meeting: Rod Eccles

Please join the Clinton County Tea Party this Tuesday, 7pm at the Hampton Inn for a live video chat with radio host Rod Eccles of New Hampshire.

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July Meeting: Cookout w/ “Free Market Warrior”

We’re doing a cookout! Summer is in full swing so we are firing up the grill at the Hampton Inn in Wilmington for a meeting on the 14th beginning at 7pm.

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New, Local Survival/Prepper Group

Contributed by Mark Lucas Are You Prepared ? If you have been watching the news and paying attention to current events it is pretty obvious things are not good, not only here in America but worldwide. There are warning flags everywhere that something is wrong. Have you ever thought about what you would do if …

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Plan to Unite Conservative Presidential Vote

Unless Ohio’s conservative voters can coalesce around a single candidate, the establishment candidate will be making that trip to the Cleveland GOP convention with all 64 Ohio delegates

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May 12th Meeting Agenda Sunshine Law & Officer Elections

Maggie Thurber of OhioWatchdog.org has made learning Ohio’s Sunshine Laws her 2015 resolution.

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April Meeting: Justice Sharon Kennedy

On November 4, 2014, Kennedy was re-elected to a full term on the Supreme Court of Ohio in a decisive victory winning all 88 counties and garnering 73 percent of the vote (76 percent in Clinton County).

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DS wisconsin 25th RTW state

25 States Are Now Right-to-Work States

On March 9, Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation making Wisconsin the nation’s 25th right-to-work state.

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