King vs Burwell: Obamacare ‘Death Spiral’

If the Supreme Court upholds Obamacare as written, Ohio’s federal exchange will be deemed unlawful. Ohio’s constitution prevents the creation of a state exchange.

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March Meeting – Wilmington Candidate Forum

The Clinton County Tea Party will host a forum for all five contested races within the city of Wilmington at the Hampton Inn at 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

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TEA Party to Fox News: 11 Reasons to Stop Calling Kasich ‘Conservative’

While he campaigned for governor in 2010 as a TEA Party conservative — himself noting that he was TEA Party before there was a TEA Party — he has since governed and increasingly spoken on important political issues as a progressive Republican.

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Feb. Meeting: Municipal Court Judge Forum

The Clinton County Tea Party will be holding a public forum for the municipal court judge candidates Tuesday, 7pm at the Hampton Inn in Wilmington with snacks provided.

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Attention parents and grandparents – opt your child out of upcoming common core PARCC testing

It is extremely important that parents act now to OPT OUT their children from any and all PARCC and AIR assessments.

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Kasich thinks Christ wants Obamacare

If the governor expects government agencies like the IRS (which runs Obamacare) to care for the needy and satisfy our Christian duty, he is deeply mistaken.

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Voice your Tea Party thoughts … on the radio!

Lee Hendree, the producer of WALH 106.7 in Wilmington, is looking for local talent to host a conservative talk show from 7-9 pm Monday through Friday.

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Meeting Agenda Jan 13th – Guest Commissioner Kerry Steed

Tuesday evening, Clinton County Commissioner Kerry Steed will be answering questions about the history of and possible uses for the Clinton Memorial Hospital proceeds.

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