Voice your Tea Party thoughts … on the radio!

Lee Hendree, the producer of WALH 106.7 in Wilmington, is looking for local talent to host a conservative talk show from 7-9 pm Monday through Friday. This is your opportunity to be heard! Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel. -Mark Twain Currently, Bill Hrabak is hosting the Razor’s Edge …

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Meeting Agenda Jan 13th – Guest Commissioner Kerry Steed

Tuesday evening, Clinton County Commissioner Kerry Steed will be answering questions about the history of and possible uses for the Clinton Memorial Hospital proceeds.

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Not One Representative Willing to Admit Voting for Rosenberger

Not one Representative is willing to admit to their constituents that they intend to vote for the announced “secret” straw poll winner Cliff Rosenberger from Cincinnati. Several supporters of challenger Jim Butler have filled out and returned the Ohio Citizen PAC House Speaker survey.

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Proposed State House Leadership Raises Deep Concern Over Values

Their voting records should also cause concerns for many elected House members who ran as conservatives in the November election, particularly if they ran as social-conservatives.

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Meeting Agenda Nov. 11th, 7pm – Land of Opportunity

David (Dave) Garrison is the host of the national Faith and Liberty Talk Show, former Republican candidate for U.S. Congress (R-TX), top executive for a number of Fortune 100 companies, dean of Ohio Christian University School of Business, and licensed attorney in Texas.

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November Project Folks Mtg Sat, Nov. 8 at 9am

The next election! The election of 2015 will be here before you know it. County Commissioners, Township Trustees, School Board of Education, City/Village Council, and Mayor are among the offices that will be up for reelection in 2015.

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